Tuesday, 16 August 2016

I have been busy with the photo box and cell phone again tonight - all 15mm this time so a few may be a bit too close and not 100% focussed but they looked not too bad as I reviewed them, apart from the aircraft, which I have deleted.

Anyway, tonight its WW2 British in 15mm - they are based on the 11th Armoured Division in Normandy 1944, and thereafter.
First up is a command group having a brew - the vehicle is Flames of War and figures Peter Pig

An infantry platoon and MG support - infantry are Peter Pig and the MG is Command Decision from Old Glory

Command group in the foreground is Peter Pig and the mortar crew Command Decision

Two Command Decision 6lb AT Guns

Anti aircraft vehicles - the half track is Flames of War and the other two Command Decision. Almost all my vehicles are Flames of War

An Achilles self propelled 17lb AT gun and Sexton SPG

A 17lb AT Gun

The Sherman bulldozer is by Gaming Models, a US company whose stated aim is to produce low cost historical models for schools etc, to promote interest in military history. The standard Sherman is Flames of War

Two 25lb field guns deployed for action with a third in the background, towed by a quad

Different view of the 25lb field guns

Jeep, White scout car and another Gaming models vehicle, an M3 Scout car

Bren gun carrier and Kangaroo APC

Two Bedford lorries for the motorised infantry

Dodge Field Car and M3 half track

Sherman flail mine clearing tank

Two engineer tanks

Two British armoured cars - Daimler and Humber I believe

Honey light tank and a variant with a larger howitzer

Cromwell tank

Comet tank

Sherman Firefly with 17lb gun

Two standard M4 Shermans 

A final M4 Sherman

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