Monday, 8 August 2016

Monday night and I have just spent about 2 hours photographing figures - and there are still LOTS to go! These are just representative groups - some of the armies comprise far more units but once you have photographed two or three (or six) French or British Napoleonic battalions, they all look very similar!

First off, a few of my "dark ages" warriors - ok they are all ladies and mainly come from Shadowforge or Eureka - for some reason it seems Aussies are really good at female figures....not sure why!

First up, some archers by Shadowforge

Next a group of female Vikings (Valkyries actually) again by Shadowforge

More Shadowforge figures - these ones are "light" infantry

A leaders chariot - cant remember the manufacturer

A mounted war leader - cant remember the name of this manufacturer either

These horse archers are by Eureka of Australia

A couple more Eureka horse archers

Now a few more Shadowforge Vikings

This princess is the same brand as the mounted leader above

These female cataphracts are from Eureka

Another base of cataphracts

Light horse archers from Eureka too

A change of pace - WW1 in East Africa - I only have a few figures for this period so far, very much a "work in progress". This armoured car is resin by Old Glory

Kings African Rifles British Askari's by Brigade Games

Another change - 20mm WW2 - I have had a few games of Chain of Command in this scale. the Cromwell tank is by Armourfast I think - two models in one box, they only comprise about 8-10 parts and are very simple to assemble but quite effective I think.

These are Valiant WW2 British in 20mm hard plastic - about 60 of them in a pack for around £15

A few more 20mm Brits

These I made into MP's by using the officers peaked hat head - have not had a use for them yet but I am sure we can come up with a scenario where they will come in  handy!

These Russians are Plastic Soldier Company because Valiant don't make Russians unfortunately - they are slightly smaller (probably true 20mm rather than the larger Valiant figures)

Russian officer with two female soldiers - the sniper in the camo suit is a Zvezda figure

Here they are from a different angle - the lady in the skirt is actually a nurse but has had a rifle added

Armourfast T34/85 with tank riders by AB Models from Eureka

From another angle

....and another!

Airfix (yes, really!) 1/76 Panther with AB 20mm tank riders added

second view of the Panther

....third and final view

Two of the three SDKFZ 251 halftracks that come in a pack from Plastic Soldier Company - nice models but a lot more work to put together than the Armourfast tanks ...but less than the Airfix kit

One is the platoon leader vehicle with a 37mm Pak fitted, the other standard infantry carrier with front and rear MG34/42

This is the third model

And form a different angle

A Zvezda infantry gun

Valiant late war 20mm Germans in Normandy

Same group slightly rearranged

An officer, NCO and tank killers

Large (150mm?) mortar and crew

A few 28mm metal germans I painted years ago - cant recall the manufacturer, I obtained them from another gamer so don't know if I ever knew their provenance

28mm plastic Russians from Wargames factory

Some female Russian soldiers from Wargames Factory

This is a one off at this stage - Carlist War Scots battalion form the British legion - figures by the Perry's

The next few pictures are 4 battalions I made from a box of 1804-1807 French Napoleonic infantry I got for about $20 off Trade Me - I think they are Victrix....

Second Battalion

And the third

For the last battalion, there were insufficient figures, so I compromised and made them light infantry in the all blue uniform

A couple of early to mid 18th century ladies - got these plus male counterparts from Trade Me a few months ago

The dismounted versions of the above

And another change - now we move to later French Napoleonic- these three I think are Napoleon (obviously) Soult and Berthier by Front Rank

A French Battalion by Front Rank

A different Front Rank Line Infantry battalion

Front #Rank Chasseurs a Pied of the Guard

A Light Infantry Battalion  - could be Corsican I think

By way of variety, these are my one and only Foundry French Napoleonics - light infantry again

And these ones are by Dixon - again a one off

A Final Front rank Infanterie Legere battalion

A couple of foot artillery crews - Front Rank

Front rank Dragoons

Front Rank Cuirassiers

Mixture of Front Rank and Connaisseur Line lancers

Very old Chasseurs a cheval, mixture of Military Miniatures and Minifigs

Another unit that's over 30 years old - Dutch Guard Lancers from Warrior I think they were

Polish Guard Lancers from Connaisseur

Front Rank painted as Gendarmes d'Elite of the Guard

Grenadiers a Pied of the Guard by Front Rank

And one final Front Rank French Legere Battalion

About 20 years ago a friend and I "did" a Canadian Wargames Group French and Indian Wars campaign using riles called Habitants and Highlanders I think. Units were quite small, 12-18 figures but mostly the latter. Above are the 45 Foot I believe- Front Rank figures

I had some very ancient 25mm figures that were pressed into service for this era - above a mixture of Minifigs grenadiers and unknown centre company and command figures

These are the Black Watch by Front Rank

A Few Front Rank Light Infantry in strange looking cut down hats

The senior command by Front Rank

1st Foot - the Royal Scots - again by Front Rank

The 47th Foot

17th Foot

55th Foot

Rogers Rangers

Now its is the 1st Foot - the Royal Scots - again by Front Rank, but this time for the Napoleonic War in the Peninsula

The 70th Foot - Old Glory with a Front Rank command

The 94th Foot - Scotch Brigade - all Front Rank Miniatures

The 60th Rifles

71st Highland Light Infantry by Front Rank

The 90th Foot - a friend converted them for me by cutting the heads off and replacing them with Light Dragoon heads to give the Tarleton helmets

Two Front rank British foot artillery crews

Two Old Glary RHA Crews

Two Old Glory Rocket Crews

Two senior officers - on the left by Front Rank and the right I think is Perry

Front Rank Peninsula era 16 Light Dragoons in Tarleton helmets

The 4 Dragoons in a headdress called a watering cap I think
The 3 Dragoons in Bicorns

Another two officer, again I think they are Perry miniatures

42nd Regiment - the Black Watch - Old Glory figures

92nd - the Gordon Highlanders - Front Rank figures

78th Highland Regiment by Old Glory

So that's it for this evening - another hour has been spent moving the photos from my phone to the PC then uploading to the blog, then going through and adding descriptions - maybe it wasn't such a clever idea to embark on this after all!

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