Friday, 30 September 2016

Had some time on my own in the house today so I took the opportunity to use the dining room table to take a few more photos - results below

Italeri 1/72 Predator drone flying above the Afghan countryside

The Taliban eye view of a Predator (except generally, they don't actually see them at all)

Couple of Taliban tehnicals

Taliban "Dicker" on his mobile, while backup lurks out of site around the corner

A British Patrol in Helmand consisting of WMIK Landrovers and Supacat Jackal - all by Britannia Miniatures

British platoon patrolling in Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicles - Britannia again

Taliban fighters moving into position

A meeting of senior Taliban commanders - maybe a target for the Predator?!

A busy Afghan market scene - scratch built stalls and a variety of civilian figures - Elheim, Liberation and Britannia

Female soldiers interacting with a local lady

A British foot patrol negotiates the market

A returning form the opposite direction

A section engages Talibam fighters sheltering in a typical compound

Taliban returning fire

A rifleman covers the gate to a compound

The last 2-3 weeks of painting output - the Second Brigade of the Light Division
2nd Battalion the Rifle Brigade.                  Black
Second Brigade: Major-General Buller
19th Regiment                  Grass Green
77th Regiment                  Yellow
88th Regiment                  Bright Yellow

This is what else I have been doing recently - Perry Carlist war British Legion, Chichesters Brigade,
General Chichester’s Brigade
1st English
4th Queen’s Own Fusiliers
8th Highlanders
800 Spanish Troops
I still have the 1st English battalion and another battalion of Spaniards to do to complete this

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