Monday, 5 September 2016

I finished these guys yesterday but needed to create a Queens and Regimental colour for the two Ensigns to carry. This is the command group from Ebor painted as the 19th Regiment - 1st Yorkshire North Riding Regiment. I decided to base and photograph them first thing this evening, before spending a couple of hours working on the remaining 12 figures - if I get them finished tonight, I will post photos of them too.
These Ebor figures are really nice and I am looking forward to receiving the rest of the Light Division, which I have ordered from Nick at Ebor today.

No real need to identify each picture individually here - its just five different views of the same six figures. I "created" the two colours, they are believable and look good, so I am happy with them. I could not find any info on the actual colours on Mr Google, so I improvised! As the regiment has green facings, the Regimental colour is a green based one.

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