Saturday, 3 September 2016

Last night (Friday) and tonight, I have made a bit of progress with my Ebor Crimean Brits. I decided to paint the first battalion up as the 19th Foot, The 1st Yorkshire North Riding Regiment, with grass green facings.
I got all 18 figures to this stage on Friday - the basic red uniform, blue trousers and the black of the shakos, packs, cartridge boxes and boots etc. Above are two of the command pack, an officer and sergeant, plus one each of the Flank company figures

On Saturday, I decided to concentrate on the six command figures and get them finished off if possible - here they are at the halfway stage

Completed figures - drummer and sergeant

One of the ensigns and officer

The second ensign and officer figures. All I need now is the flags to go on those poles which has been proving a bit problematical, but I will work something out! Should get these based up tomorrow hopefully and will put up a picture of the completed group.

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