Monday, 26 September 2016

Light Division - 2nd Battalion, The Rifle Brigade - Completed

Finally got some images of these guys - I am having some issues with my basing technique, which has always worked fine up until recently. I use a polyfilla type compound from Mitre 10 and spread it a mm or 2 deep across the base, then place the figures into it, let it set, paint with watered down brown wash, and sprinkle "grass" on the wet paint so it sticks as the paint dries - however, he last few times I have applied the wash, the water seems to "unset" the compound, and figures come loose again - bloody annoying and makes the whole process take twice as long - maybe I am watering down the paint more than I used to do....

Anyway, here are a few pics of the Rifles....

The next team off the block will be the 88th Foot - Connaught Rangers - a line battalion with yellow facings. They are the third battalion of the second brigade, and will complete that brigade - comprising the 19th, 77th and 88th regiments. The first brigade consists of 7th Fusiliers, 23 Fusiliers and 33rd (Duke of Wellingtons) Regiment.

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