Wednesday, 7 September 2016

OK, here they are - the first of 7 units of Crimean War British, who will eventually represent the Light Division of two brigades as follows,  (colours mentioned are the facing colours of the regiments)

Light Division: Lieutenant-General Sir George Brown 
One troop of Royal Horse Artillery and one field battery Royal Artillery
2nd Battalion the Rifle Brigade.                  Black

First Brigade (known as the Fusilier Brigade): Major-General Codrington
7th Royal Fusiliers                                            Dark Blue
23rd Royal Welch Fusiliers                            Dark Blue
33rd Regiment                                                  Red

Second Brigade: Major-General Buller
19th Regiment                  Grass Green
77th Regiment                  Yellow
88th Regiment                  Bright Yellow

The unit that I randomly chose to paint first is the 19th Regiment, 1 Yorkshire North Riding Regiment.

If/when I get the artillery, I will have to go for either Great War (RA only) or Foundry (RHA and possibly RA), as Ebor make neither at present......

Anyway, below are the completed 19th Regiment - hope to have some more of these excellent figures to paint in a week or two, Ebor and Royal Mail dependent!

"Full Frontal" of the mighty 19th Regiment advancing, grenadiers (with white tufts) on the right of the line (left in the photo!) centre companies with white over red and the light company with green on the left flank (right of photo) As mentioned in a previous blog, the Colours are "notional" but I think they look fine.

Slightly different view of the full battalion, light company to the fore

View from the opposite flank, showing the grenadiers

The right flank stand

Right flank stand

Rear view of the right flank stand showing regimental number on the pack

The left flank - light company - stand

Left flank stand

Final view of the left flank stand. I am looking forward to painting some more of these Ebor figures soon!

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