Sunday, 13 November 2016


The last week or so has been spent painting the 20 hard plastic Frostgrave figures, complete with female heads.

To be honest, I found them quite hard to do - believe it or not, there was just TOO MUCH detail on some of them, too many different pieces of clothing etc and I struggled to come up with believable colour schemes for them.

I had started off thinking I would keep them quite drab - all browns and greys, subdued, Medieval type colours - but having got half way through painting the first ten I thought they looked awful, so I a change of heart!

Anyway, here they are - I am not as pleased with them as some others, but as any wargamer will know, the standard of painting has NO effect on how the figures perform on the table top!

I have created two bands of ten figures each - with two "similar" figures in each band - here is the leader (with torch) and two other figures from the first band

Band one swordswoman, double handed weapon and club/mace

Crossbow and archer

The last three members of the first war band

Leader (with lantern) and first two members of the second war band

Axewonan, double handed weapon and club/mace
The archer and crossbow

Last three figures - the one on the left is a duplicate so I obviously made some mistake in taking the pics! And now I review it - the right hand is a double up too....

Random close up of the pole armed warrior

Leader of war band one

Leader of war band two

The two figures armed with both sword and dagger

Not only did I have trouble painting these, now I have had a challenge in producing adequate images of them - I have taken about 30+pictures of these ladies but deleted two thirds of them...AARRGGHH!

I think I will try WW1 in East Africa after this!


  1. Those colours have come up nice I think - the heads work really well (Bad Squiddo?)

  2. Yes thats correct Andrew - Statuesque I think manufacture them but I bought them from Annie the Bag Lady (her description!)as I did the box of plastic figures

  3. Great looking minis, wonderful colors!

  4. Thanks Phil - as you will have read, I was not super impressed with my work on these so its nice to get positive feedback from others!