Saturday, 5 November 2016

WW1 in East Africa Update

I dragged out the British figures I currently have available for this period. The NW Frontier/Boer War Old Glory Brits can' be used because they have the wrong type of sun helmet but as stated previously,  I think the Indians are ok. Unfortunately we will be using a different basing convention, so my Colonial collection on 40mm x 40mm bases and comprising 5 elements per unit wont be any use.....SIGH!

I have about 12 or 14 elements of Kings African Rifles like these - figures by Brigade Games

The command element

Three KAR Askaris

The other three Askaris - really nice figures and great to paint as all the detail really stands out

A WW1 vintage armoured car - resin and metal kit from Old Glory

Mounted S African cavalry  (Boer War mounted infantry by Old Glory)

Indian infantry with British officer by Old Glory


  1. Wow, wonderful looking minis!

  2. Thanks Phil - just working on another order for Brigade Games to add to these guys - but cant decide between German Askaris , Belgian Askaris or more Kings African Rifles - decisions, decisions!

  3. Can't you tell the basing Nazis to do one......?? Why would the base sizes matter as long as the units are same size? :)

  4. To be fair, the Brits are a bit anachronistic for WW1 - wrong sun helmets and probably the equipment had changed too, although my research indicates the Lee Enfield rifle was basically the same in 1900 as 1914. I will use the Indian cavalry because the cavalry will have to be on larger bases anyway

  5. Kieth the bases won't matter too much, although smaller bases will mean that they will be at a disadvantage when they come under artillery fire - with narrower bases more can fit under the artillery template.

    1. Maybe just spread the elements out so the unit covers the same footprint as a unit on larger bases, should avoid the artillery issue.....