Wednesday, 25 January 2017

War of 1812 - Six Knuckleduster Royal Marines Painted

As mentioned in my previous post, I purchased one pack of six Royal Marines and painted them over the last two nights. A bit more to do than with the Canadian Voltiguers - as usual with the Brits from 1700-1900 (more or less) lots of red coat, facings and white everywhere - belts, breeches, lace etc

They have turned out ok though - I am quite happy with them. I have wanted Napoleonic marines for ages - I have a kernel of an idea about individually based marines and sailors doing skirmish type raids on Spanish forts etc a la Hornblower...but that's another story!

That's all the 1812 figures for the meantime - back to Old Glory Indians for use in E Africa circa 1915 for now!

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