Thursday, 16 February 2017

Old Glory War of 1812 Order

Just for interest, this is my order for Old Glory 1812 troops - bearing in mind a 40% discount, this significant number of troops is going to cost me around NZ$450 The command and artillery packs only have 20 figures so cost a bit less - unlike most manufacturers these days who give you six command instead of eight standard figures, but charge you the same price because they sell less of them....! By adding the six Marines and Canadian Voltiguers I got from Knuckleduster recently, I will have enough of these for two battalions of each.

WAA-14 US Light Dragoons with Command x 1 ($36.00) [id = WAA-14]

WAA-10 US Riflemen with Full Kit Skirmishing with Command x 1 ($36.00) [id = WAA-10]

WAA-08 American Command in Leather Shako x 1 ($26.00) [id = WAA-08]

WAA-07 American Command in Felt Shako x 1 ($26.00) [id = WAA-07]

WAA-04 American Infantry in Leather Shako Advancing x 1 ($36.00) [id = WAA-04]

WAA-02 American Infantry in Felt Shako Advancing x 1 ($36.00) [id = WAA-02]

WAB-01 Glengarry Light Infantry Skirmishing with Command x 1 ($36.00) [id = WAB-01]

WAB-04 Royal Marines with Command x 1 ($36.00) [id = WAB-04]

WAB-05 Canadian Voltigeurs x 1 ($36.00) [id = WAB-05]

WAA-12 Artillery Crews in Shako x 1 ($26.00) [id = WAA-12]

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