Sunday, 5 March 2017

First Painted and Based War of 1812 Figures

I spent a good part of Saturday working through the first few of the War of 1812 figures. I painted two "command" bases for the US forces, both from the "Felt Shako" pack. Between the two packs of 30 each advancing, plus two packs of 15 each commands, I have 90 figures, exactly enough for 5 x 18 figure battalions. One battalion will have a mixture of headgear but my slight reading about the period indicates that this will not be a problem, as several US regiments had different uniform jacket colours at the same time, due to supply shortages or general lack of will to enforces dress regulations!

Anyway, I have nominated these first two groups as the 1st and 18th US Infantry regiments. As I only have 8 standard bearers to spread between 5 battalions, these two drew the short straw and only have one standard each.

The command elements of the US 1st Infantry Regiment with National flag

Rear view of the 1st Infantry command

The 18th US Infantry with the Regimental pattern flag

Rear view of the 18th Infantry

I have also more or less completed one command base of each of the following, Royal Marines, Canadian Voltiguers, US Rifles and Glengary Light Infantry. Should be able to post pictures of these ones tomorrow


  1. Looking good Kieth. Looking forward to the first game!

  2. Thanks Mark - lots more painting to do before that day I imagine...