Tuesday, 21 March 2017

War of 1812 - Second US regular Battalion Completed

Its been a long, slow slog but here is the second unit of OG US Regular Infantry in Felt Shakos charging. I have nominally dubbed them the 18th Regiment. This time I have photographed each element (excepting the two command ones that feature in earlier blogs) and then the entire unit from front and rear.

The next unit will be the 5th Infantry, who are a mixture of headgear and wearing the "winter" uniform of blue breeches rather than white, and also have all cross belts etc in black leather, just for a bit of variety!

Each element has a variety of poses and some extra "bits and pieces" such as a discarded shako in this one

This element includes a discarded drum - the parts are taken from extras left over from hard plastic kits - the shakos from the Napoleonic British artillery by Victrix and the drum from the War of Spanish Succession by Wargames Factory

The full unit of the US 18th Infantry Regiment, front and rear


  1. Very nice job rross, love the discarded drum's touch...

  2. Thanks Phil - yes I try to add a bit of life to my bases - I think good bases can make average figures look good and bad bases make good figures look poor! Waste of time spending hours painting figures then just slapping them on a piece of wood/card/plastic and painting it bright green like the old days! I am out for a game tonight then another in a couple of days so should have two game reports loaded sometime soon