Thursday, 27 April 2017

War of 1812 - British Rocket Trooper, Royal Artillery

I have completed one of the four RA Rocket troopers from Mirlton - and he looks pretty good! After loading the images of how they should look on my last blog, I added the light blue over white pennant to the end of the case of rockets that comes with the model.

I have also completed the first of two units of Glengarry Light Infantry but one base is still to be completed so will post pics of these boys tomorrow or over the weekend.

I have just arranged a game with Julian tomorrow night so will be able to post a game report on that too.

So below are three images of the single Mirlton figure, plus a fourth where he is teamed up with the Warlord 28mm rocket trooper firing a rocket

Just noticed - I have got the colours on the pennant back to front - bloody typical - will fix that up and do the rest the right way first time!

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