Saturday, 8 April 2017

War of 1812 US Dragoons - Completed

Its been a bit of a slow slog but I have finally got another War of 1812 unit completed - this time the US Light Dragoons from Old Glory.

These are really quite nice figures and I think they have painted up well - there is a huge amount of detail sculpted into them EG the chevrons on each sleeve above the cuff - and this was an aid to the painting process. The officer is a bit "over" animated perhaps and I could do without the guys firing the pistol, but those are minor criticisms - over all, I quite like this unit.

Above and below are two views of the entire unit charging  

 This is the right hand (as viewed from in front) element, including one of the two pistol firers
 The second element
 The element including the guidon bearer
 The left end unit, with the second of the pistol firing troopers

The command element with the animated officer and bugler in reversed colours

That's all for tonight - I am two thirds of the way through the first unit of Regular US riflemen and have completed two elements of the grey clad 15th Infantry, so hope to get these finished off and pictures loaded \here shortly!


  1. Very nice job, and beautiful work on the bases...

  2. Thanks again for your kind words Phil - just about to post some images of the US Riflemen