Friday, 16 June 2017

War of 1812  - 103rd Foot.

According to my research, this regiment was amongst the first draft of reinforcements sent to Canada when the war commenced, arriving in 1813. They fought at Patterson's Creek, Lundy's Lane, Fort Erie and Grand River, as well as smaller skirmishes and engagements.

There are only a few units in this category, most of the British regular battalions having arrived in 1814, after the initial defeat of Napoleon, when he was exiled to Elba.

I picked this regiment simply because it had white facings and I do not think I yet have a British Napoleonic unit with this facing colour!

I obtained the flags from the generic British colours on the website.

There are only four of the six elements here, as I have not completed the bases on the command element or one centre company element, but as I missed out on a Carlist War game this evening courtesy of some social rearranging by my dear wife, I wanted to get a war gaming related post at least! I will probably post some pictures of the entire unit tomorrow.

 Above and below - all four elements, both flank companies (grenadiers with all white feathers, light company green) and two centre companies including a sergeant with pike and drummer in reversed colours.

 Side and rear views of the four elements together

The grenadier element

The light company element

Sergeant with pike

Drummer and two centre company enlisted men

I think these Old Glory Second Edition figures are great little miniatures and I will probably get a few more to add to the left overs from my first purchase, so I can  make up three full battalions of them!

Next....the 7th New York Light Dragoons for the US Army!


  1. Splendid additions, painting and basing...

  2. Thanks Phil - I do think they have turned out pretty well