Friday, 9 June 2017

War of 1812 - "The British are Coming!"

Amongst my latest acquisitions from Old Glory are enough of their 1814 Second Edition Brits to make up a couple of battalions in the Belgic Shako plus a few extras to encourage me to buy some more to make a third battalion!

As with my previous exposure to the Second Edition range - Napoleonic Austrians - these are beautiful figures and streets ahead of the standard OG Napoleonic Brits which, in my opinion, are their least pleasing sculpts.

Here are a couple of pics of one battalion ready fro undercoating

 All 18 figures - 6 flank coy, 7 centre coy, 1 drummer, 1 sergeant, 1 officer and 2 ensigns
A closer up view of the command figures plus a couple of files of the centre coy privates


  1. So the parcel finally arrived eh? Still waiting on two small shipments. At least fhe UK election is working in our favour with the pound losing four cents to the dollar over two days.

  2. Yes I saw that too Mark - might be time for a quick order to Caliver!

    1. Dammit I have no cash until the end of the month!