Monday, 19 June 2017

War of 1812 - New York Light Dragoons Completed

As promised, I have finished off the basing for the five elements of Old Glory NY Lt Dragoons, and have even managed to make a start on the first six figures for the 5th Maryland infantry unit!

Here are the images of the cavalry - one of each element and then one showing three of the elements together - my photo box is not large enough to accommodate all five elements.

I have created a guidon for the unit but when I printed it, it came out a bit too big, so I will have to redo it again tomorrow on the colour printer at work - so for the moment, the guidon bearer is just carrying an empty pole!

I think these figures look really good in this uniform and I am tempted to do another unit - or maybe the Boston Hussars or another of the great looking uniforms I have come across - but in reality there were very few cavalry engaged in the war, so I probably should resist this urge!

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