Sunday, 1 January 2017

Building and Construction Work

I decided to add to my stock of Middle Eastern housing stock over the Christmas break, using the handy cork tiles I have in the garage for just such a purpose.

The idea is not original of course - in my case I got it from the excellent Makatashi Tea House site.

I have built a couple of Afghan compounds using the plans available on this site but this time decided to design a couple of my own, slightly smaller compounds. The main reason for this is that I had a number of "bases" available to use but they are cover of ring binders and thus only able to accommodate a structure of maximum dimensions roughly 300mm x 240mm - a bit smaller than most of the ones on the Makatashi site.

300 x 300 cork tile I use for construction

Corrugated cardboard packaging I use for corrugated iron roofs etc

The two plans I built

Compound one view one

Compound one view two

Compound one view three

Compound two view one

Compound two view two

I was quite pleased with how these turned out - a couple of hours work with a Stanley knife and PVA glue is all that was required to produce these two compounds. I must try to get them finished off with paint etc, as the last time I created some of these, it was months later before I got them completed and "game ready"!

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