Friday, 30 September 2016

Had some time on my own in the house today so I took the opportunity to use the dining room table to take a few more photos - results below

Italeri 1/72 Predator drone flying above the Afghan countryside

The Taliban eye view of a Predator (except generally, they don't actually see them at all)

Couple of Taliban tehnicals

Taliban "Dicker" on his mobile, while backup lurks out of site around the corner

A British Patrol in Helmand consisting of WMIK Landrovers and Supacat Jackal - all by Britannia Miniatures

British platoon patrolling in Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicles - Britannia again

Taliban fighters moving into position

A meeting of senior Taliban commanders - maybe a target for the Predator?!

A busy Afghan market scene - scratch built stalls and a variety of civilian figures - Elheim, Liberation and Britannia

Female soldiers interacting with a local lady

A British foot patrol negotiates the market

A returning form the opposite direction

A section engages Talibam fighters sheltering in a typical compound

Taliban returning fire

A rifleman covers the gate to a compound

The last 2-3 weeks of painting output - the Second Brigade of the Light Division
2nd Battalion the Rifle Brigade.                  Black
Second Brigade: Major-General Buller
19th Regiment                  Grass Green
77th Regiment                  Yellow
88th Regiment                  Bright Yellow

This is what else I have been doing recently - Perry Carlist war British Legion, Chichesters Brigade,
General Chichester’s Brigade
1st English
4th Queen’s Own Fusiliers
8th Highlanders
800 Spanish Troops
I still have the 1st English battalion and another battalion of Spaniards to do to complete this

A couple of days ago, on an impulse, I popped into K Mart in Manukau to check out their "Matchbox" type toy cars. I have seen on US and UK blogs that people can often find usable vehicles from amongst this type of product, and generally priced much more competitively than genuine wargamers models. I have been keeping an eye on the $2-$4 cars at The Warehouse for a couple of years, but unfortunately the trend seems to be for "futuristic" fantasy vehicles, rather than small scale versions of what is actually on our roads today.

So I was happy to find this set of 5 emergency vehicles for the princely sum of $6! As you can see from the pic, I have already started the transformation of the "ute"/technical, by adding three Taliban crew members to it. I think I can use the van too - maybe not the car and definitely not the fire engine, as it is a much smaller scale. I was thinking the same thing about the helicopter, but having put a 15mm Command Decision figure next to it, now I am thinking that it too may be usable in the 15mm modern conflict scenarios. So, 3 usable items for $6 - not a bad deal - I just wish I could purchase the technical on its own for $2, and I would invest in half a dozen!

The full pack as purchased for $6NZ

The technical with crew added, the van and a 20mm Brit for comparison purposes

Technical crew by a couple of different manufacturers

The chopper with a Command Decision African militiaman for comparison - repainted I can see it as a 15mm "Little Bird" for Blackhawk Down type scenarios!.

Its been a while but I have finally managed to complete one Crimean Battalion (the 88th Foot) and start on the next (23rd Royal Welch Fusiliers) .....  only two more to go after that - 7th Royal Fusiliers and 33rd Foot (The Duke of Wellingtons Regt)

The 88th Foot (Connaught Rangers) in all their glory

In column of march, grenadiers in the lead

Rear view showing the "88" on the back packs

The next unit scheduled for completion - 23rd Royal Welch Fusiliers - only the command element has been painted so far

Right, back to the garage for a few more hours painting - hopefully the four Kronenbourg 1686 beers I drank with the neighbours wont affect the quality of the paintwork! If it does, blame the French (always a good strategy!)

Monday, 26 September 2016

Light Division - 2nd Battalion, The Rifle Brigade - Completed

Finally got some images of these guys - I am having some issues with my basing technique, which has always worked fine up until recently. I use a polyfilla type compound from Mitre 10 and spread it a mm or 2 deep across the base, then place the figures into it, let it set, paint with watered down brown wash, and sprinkle "grass" on the wet paint so it sticks as the paint dries - however, he last few times I have applied the wash, the water seems to "unset" the compound, and figures come loose again - bloody annoying and makes the whole process take twice as long - maybe I am watering down the paint more than I used to do....

Anyway, here are a few pics of the Rifles....

The next team off the block will be the 88th Foot - Connaught Rangers - a line battalion with yellow facings. They are the third battalion of the second brigade, and will complete that brigade - comprising the 19th, 77th and 88th regiments. The first brigade consists of 7th Fusiliers, 23 Fusiliers and 33rd (Duke of Wellingtons) Regiment.

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Light Division  Second Brigade  77th Regiment East Middlesex - Completed

Plus the command section of the 2nd Battalion, The Rifle Brigade - just waiting for the bases of the other two elements to dry so I can finish them off too - and the command element for the next line battalion are already under coated - got to love long wet weekends!

77th (East Middlesex) Regiment

In column of route, grenadiers in front, light company behind

Heading in the opposite direction just to show the other view

Colour party in advance

Three views of the Rifles command element - I wish the British army had all been dressed in this dark green uniform - sooo much easier to paint! Note Rifles did not carry their colours in battle and had buglers instead of drummers, so I just left the musician out

Should be more later this evening.