Sunday, 8 January 2017

New "Modern" Project

Not a big post tonight - I am still on leave for Christmas/New Year so doing lots of family things and not much in the way of wargaming - however, today my wife wanted to go to K Mart to look for something and whilst there I checked out the toy section, bearing in mind the pack of useable vehicles I located there a few months ago.....

This time, I had an even better result - a range of one off vehicles at $1.50 each - and on the front of one row was a pick up truck that looked perfect for a 20mm "Technical"!. I did a quick search through the various racks of model cars and located another three, so purchased four in total for the princely sum of $6!

Image of the four in their packs below - I will add crews etc and post an update on how they turn out.....

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