Sunday, 1 January 2017

Some new scenic items

I spotted this stuff at one of our local $2 shops a few weeks ago and on the way to my game on Thurs 29 Dec, I popped in there and invested a couple of bucks in purchasing one of each type.

They are in block approximately 300mm x 200mm and made up of approximately 50 or 60 individual pieces, all linked together. I am not sure what they are actually intended for - some kind of fake flower arranging maybe or at a stretch, for use in tropical fish tanks. My plan however is to utilize them for jungle type scenery and also possibly the "green zone" in Afghanistan

A block of type one vegetation

A block of type two vegetation

Type one on a 20mm x 20mm (approx.) base

Type two on a base

Another type one

Combination of both types together
Several of both types with bases painted etc

Several of the individual bases with German Askaris advancing through them

German Askari MG crew amidst the undergrowth.

It took me about an hour to create twenty of these individual bases - I have sufficient raw material to create the same again five times over, and all for $2!These should also work well with my 15mm WW2 Japanese, as jungle foliage.

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