Friday, 24 November 2017

R.C.W. - The Tsarina and The Baroness

Here are a few images of the Westwind figure of the last Tsarina of Russia, Alexandra Feodorovna, formally Princess Alix of Hesse.

In some of the pictures she is being confronted by my Cheka agent The Baroness

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

R.C.W. Additions from Old Glory

Yesterday, I arrived home to find a small parcel from Old Glory. This contained an Austin WW1 Armoured Car, a set of two Russian HMG crews and a pack of Russian cavalry. 

Being technically accurate, they are all from the OG WW1 ranges, but I have filed off the shoulder boards (the Bolsheviks did away with them and the Whites retained them) and I am sure they will work very well for the Russian Civil War. 

My Brigade Games order was shipped yesterday and the Siberia Miniatures order from Russia has cleared their customs and is en route.

I also received the pack of Westwind Miniatures Tsar, Tsarina and two children - will take an image of them shortly and add to this post.

Now I need to get on with some painting!

Here are the Tsar and his family - they are excellent figures with very clear and crisp detail so should paint up really well!

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

R.C.W. Reinforcements Arrive - Hinterland Sailors

Urrah! I have been looking at the beautiful figures on the Hinterland site for 18 months now and have finally taken the plunge and bought 18 of them - the command group of three figures, the "Firing Line" pack x 2 - 5 figures each - and the "Unit Builder" pack of 6 identical firing figures.

Its not very easy to see the detail in the raw metal but here are a couple of pics anyway, including the last one with a size comparison against the Statuesque model of Catherine Z-J, as they are quite diminutive and I was worried they might not work well with what I have already purchased....

Above the three command figures

I have two packs of these five figures

And one pack of 6 of the figure on the left. Hinterland kindly sent me an extra free figure in the shape of the kneeling Hussar on the right - seems like a hint that I need to purchase some of these figures next....!

And finally the size comparison with the Statuesque figure

These should be great fun to paint so hope to make a start tomorrow night and maybe have something to post in a couple of days time.....

Friday, 17 November 2017

R.C.W. - Two more "Chekist-ettes"

Here are the other two figures I got from Bad Squiddo. They are "Sky Pirates" by Statuesque - based I assume on the characters below:

 There are four figures available, but two of them have their flying goggles down over their eyes, so I only got this pack of two - I am picking the "leader" sans helmet is based on the beautiful Welsh actress herself!

R.C.W. - First Female Cheka agent

The Cheka - The All Russian Extraordinary Commission for combating Counter Revolution and Sabotage - was known as the Sword and Shield of the Revolution. Founded at the end of 1918, it was the precursor of the GPU, NKVD and KGB. Its units dressed in black leather and operated as an elite within the Bolshevik armed forces in a similar manner as the SS did vis a vis the rest of the German armed forces 25 years later.

From “The Russian Civil War 1918–22” By David Bullock 

“One high-born female known as “The Baroness” played the role of stool pigeon amongst the prisoners at the notorious Lubyanka jail number 11 in Moscow. Nina Maslova, the nymphomaniac lover of a Cheka agent, plied her sexual charms in exchange for needed information. Still another female, a Hungarian known by the sobriquet of “the Remover”, personally executed over 80 young men, each in a way suggesting sexual obsession.”

 Here is my first painted female Cheka agent - she is a figure I got from Annie at Bad Squiddo games - Adora Belle from Discworld Miniatures. As she is dressed all in black, she was actually very quick and simple to paint - the sculpting detail on the face and hair is excellent, helping me to achieve a reasonable  finish that I am happy with in only a couple of hours

The only "down side" is she is a bit too tall - 30mm I think - but I am going to explain that away by making her character 6'2" or something similar!

Bicorne Covenant Infantry

I bought two packs of Bicorne figures a few weeks ago in the expectation that they would match up with the Renegade figures but unfortunately they don't! They are well sculpted crisp figures but are more akin to standard 25mm ranges such as Perry and Games Workshop - they are significantly smaller than the Renegade - bugger!

So looks like I may end up buying ANOTHER two packs of pike men - but from Renegade this time - oh well, never mind, I have added a few more Scots to my ECW collection and that cant be a bad thing!

Pics below of all 8 with pike advanced and 6 of the 8 standing figures - I think they have come out quite nicely.

Great excitement this evening when I got home form work and spied a small carton from the UK in the garage by my painting desk! This contained the first of my many RCW related figure purchases - three ladies from Bad Squiddo Games who will be taking the field as agents of the Cheka - hope to get these painted up over the weekend and pictures posted

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Warlord Plastic Covenanter Cavalry Finished - Finally!

I have been plodding along working on these Warlord plastic cavalry for at least two weeks - for some reason I just could not get very motivated or excited about them so despite the fact they are cost effective, I may not bother getting any more of these.....

I have 16 Bicorne Covenanter pike men that turned up about 4 days ago and I have painted all of them in that time - but I still have around twenty of the plastic Covenanter infantry to do!

Meanwhile, on the weekend I completed multiple different orders to several suppliers for the first batch of figures for my Russian Civil War project - so just waiting for those parcels to start arriving.....

In the meantime, here are three shots of the completed Scots cavalry