Wednesday, 31 August 2016

A slight change from my normal posts - here are some shots of very recently arrived EBOR British Crimean War Infantry. You might think that after my recent experiences in this era, I would be keeping right away from it, but I am semi interested in creating a brigade or possibly a division for a planned upcoming Crimean game. A friend had already purchased Ebor Russians and reported that they were terrible - he calls them the Russian Dwarfs (or could be gnomes!). The pictures of the British looked OK on the Ebor website, but you can never be sure, so rather than jumping right in with a purchase of multiple packs, I bought one of each, 6 command, 6 centre company and 6 flank company - coincidentally exactly the number required for the basing protocol we are using in this era - 3 bases of 6 figures each. Anyway, the figures arrived recently and they look pretty good, so I will paint these up and then look at purchasing some more.
These are the six figures comprising the Crimean War British Command pack

Here is a comparison shot of Ebor Crimean War drummer on the left and a Perry Carlist War Spanish Drummer on the right

These are the three figures comprising the Crimean War British Centre Company pack  - there are two of each figure in the pack

These are the three figures comprising the Crimean War British Flank Company pack  - there are two of each figure in the pack

Another comparison shot - Perry Carlist War on the left and Ebor Crimean on the right

Final comparison is an Old Glory Sikh War Sepoy on the left and the Sergeant from the Ebor command pack on the right

Thursday, 25 August 2016

I downloaded a few new "background" pictures from Google images and this "inspired" me to take yet more photos of 20mm modern figures in various guises.
First up, Forces of Valor (I think) pre made and coloured 1/72 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle

A different version of the Bradley, similar to the above - comes out of the pack exactly as you see it for about NZ$20

A resin British Warrior IFV from Grubby Tanks/Britannia Miniatures - some assembly and all painting required!

A Taliban "technical" with HMG gunner - cant remember the brand, I thought it was Wartime Miniatures but just checked their web page and does not seem to be theirs...

Another pre made plastic vehicle - this one is a British Challenger 2 MBT

Resin Humvee by Liberation Miniatures - great value at £5

Liberation Miniatures US Rangers in downtown Mogadishu a la Black Hawk Down

Liberation Miniatures Somali militia exchange fire with Delta troops by the same manufacturer

Some more Somali militia

Another group of US Rangers

Liberation Delta advancing through the rubble

20mm Brits by several manufactures shelter as an air strike goes in

US Troops by Liberation in the modern digital camo uniform

A British patrol moving forward - various manufacturers

Liberation Miniatures Scots in Tam o Shanter head dress

Liberation Brits in helmets advancing

Another group of Brits comprising figures by Elheim, Under Fire, and Liberation

Elheim sniper team

Liberation prone GPMG team

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Decided to do a bit more photography on my sturdy Sony Xperia - not a great phone I suppose but its a pretty good camera - the best one I have in any case!

I thought I would title this collection " The female of the species is more deadly than the male...." which I think is a quote from a poem - cant be bothered to Google it to make sure I have it right or who the original author was though...suffice to say, all the following are armed members of the fair sex.

A Napoleonic Cantiniere being chatted up - by Foundry

Two female Soviet soldiers 28mm by Wargames Factory

Single 28mm Wargames Factory WW2

Single 28mm Wargames Factory WW2

Final two Wargames Factory soviet ladies

Two 28mm female cataphracts by Eureka of Australia

Another two 28mm female cataphracts by Eureka of Australia

Four female medium cavalry again by Eureka

Four light cavalry from Eureka

A Reaper Viking leader with two Shadowforge Valkyries

Shadowforge Valkyries plus one by Foundry

Shadowforge Valkyries

Shadowforge Valkyries plus one by Foundry

20mm or 1/72 female WW2 soviet sniper by Zvezda

Zvesda figure form a different angle

The three female figures that come as part of the 20mm Plastic Soldier Co WW2 Russians, a couple are a bit out of focus, sorry!

So called "Countess Sandra" 18th century female soldiers by Eureka

The Eureka ladies minus their officers

Female gun crew form the same range - I wish they would do some Napoleonics!

Gun crew form another angle

Two 19th century lady explorers/adventuresses

Three daring ladies form the colonial era

A Russian "advisor" causing trouble in the NW Frontier

Three more Russian ladies

Two mounted colonial ladies

And three on foot

Female gun fighter

Female gun fighter

Three female cow girls

Four Western ladies by Old Glory