Sunday, 7 May 2017

War of 1812 - British Royal Marines - Completed

Here are a few images of the first unit of Royal Marines for the War of 1812. They are mostly Old Glory but bulked out with three Knuckleduster figures to make the units up to 18 mean on 6 elements. I have also done this with the Canadian Voltiguers and may do likewise with the Glengarry Light infantry, who at present have only 5 elements per unit.

I have a second unit of these to paint but for variety, next out of the blocks will be a second unit of Glengarries - however, they will take a week to do as I have not even started them as yet.


  1. Superb! Love this uniform, your paint job, and your bases rross!

  2. Thanks again Phil - and congratulations on your new President - I hope you are happy like the rest of the world is with the choice!