Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Blog Update - Back on Deck

My PC issues seem to be over - have no idea why - after 2-3 days of no reaction when the power was turned on, on Tuesday the stupid thing fired up as normal....!

The news of my OG purchase is not so good. The tracking stopped in Australia on Friday 19 May, with the notation that the item had arrived at the Australian post delivery office...but wait....I am not IN Australia!

The ever helpful Connie at OG has contacted US Mail - they say HOPEFULLY someone with a brain will figure out that Pukekohe 2120, Auckland is in NEW ZEALAND and NOT Australia...but we are relying on Aussies here so confidence is low!

Seems OG accidentally put Oz rather than NZ as the final destination but really...I am sure NZPost would figure out what to do with an item in Auckland international mail centre addressed to Sydney, New South Wales, New Zealand...what do you reckon?!

Connie has gallantly acknowledged the error and if the carton does not turn up by Monday 29 May, they will reship it.

The annoying part is, I have just about finished ALL my first order of 1812 troops now - two bases of RM finished off tonight - just the basing to do tomorrow - so it would have been PERFECT timing if the next lot had arrived this week - BUGGER!

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