Monday, 15 May 2017

War of 1812 - Second Unit of Canadian Voltiguers - Completed

Here is the second unit of the Old Glory Canadian Voltiguers - augmented by one element of Knuckleduster figures. Unfortunately, unlike the British Royal Marines, the Knuckleduster sculpt is significantly different from the OG one - the headdress in particular - the OG one looks like some kind of bearskin with a peak, whilst the Knuckleduster one looks more like a stovepipe shake with some fur over it - I don't know which is more accurate and I don't really care that much - its just a bugger they look so different!

Anyway, once they are on the table and people are looking at them form 3 feet away, they probably wont notice, so its not a big issue! Hopefully the Knuckleduster Maryland infantry and Glengarry Light infantry I have ordered to top up the OG units will be a better match!

As mentioned, I painted this unit slightly differently from the first one - with standard grey trousers rather than the pale blue I did on the first one. For some reason, I seemed to be one figure short in this unit too, but I solved that by just making the command element consist of only the officer and musician figures.

One last unit of Royal Marines to do and then I will be hanging out for the next Old Glory package to arrive!


  1. They look great, wonderful painting and basing!

  2. Thanks as always for your kind comments Phil

  3. Looking great Keith. I am about a month away from ording my first Americans, althoug my force will be much smaller than yours - I am just going for a single infantry brigade.

  4. Sounds good Mark - you will be getting Brigade Games figures I assume? I will (probably) stop after this latest batch of figures arrive and are painted....