Monday, 29 May 2017

War of 1812 - 5th Maryland Volunteer Infantry

My Old Glory stuff has still not turned up - Australia Post are looking for it in their sortation facility in Sydney.....

Anyway, at the weekend a tiny package arrived from Caliver in the UK, containing a single packet of Knuckleduster 5th Maryland Volunteer Infantry. These particular figures are the elite company. I have ordered the same unit from OG but as I need 18 per unit and OG are packs of 30, I needed and extra 6 figures and thought it would make sense to have one element of elites for each battalion.

I have noticed that the US army of this period does not seem to have had elite companies - no light or grenadier companies seem to be mentioned - but apparently some of the state and militia units DID have these differentiations. Anyway, it helps explain why they no doubt will look a bit different from the other 15 figures in each battalion! The "centre" companies have a red over black plume and a red "turban" around the base of their shako, but to make the elite company stand out, I made these two elements white.....

I am still not totally convinced by Knuckleduster - they are not bad figures but I don't think I like them as much as OG, and they are quite pricey - US$10 for six figures....anyway, when my OG order FINALLY turns up, that may be about it for me and the War of 1812...time to move onto another project!

Here are the two elements from a number of different angles

Hopefully next time I post, it will be to say the parcel from OG has arrived...........!


  1. Thanks Phil...hanging out for my Old Glory figures to arrive, and hoping I don't have to wait for a second lot to make it all the way here from the US!

  2. They are rather fetching Keith.

    1. Thank Mark - although fetching may not be QUITE what I was aiming for! I have just posted some pics of my Frostgrave Nuns warband - now they hopefully do look fetching! BTW my OG parcel has finally arrived so will be back to War of 1812 figures for a while now.....

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