Thursday, 4 May 2017

War of 1812 - British RA Mounted Rocket Troopers - Completed

Here are the four Mirlton 25mm mounted rocket troopers, which I finished off the bases on this evening

They are just a bit of aesthetics really - the figures themselves are not really necessary for gaming purposes - but I think they look pretty good and its nice to have some "different" figures on the table in our games

It will probably be a few days till my next post - possibly a game report on Sunday but that's not certain as yet


  1. Very nicely done rross, love the poses..and of course the paintjob!

  2. Thank you Phil - I think they turned out well, but four are definitely enough, as there is only the one pose and I don't like great masses of figures all in the same pose, like we used to do 30+ years ago when I started gaming as a teenager at school!