Thursday, 20 October 2016

Crimean War Light Division - COMPLETED!

I have now finally got my finger out and finished off the last of the Seven Battalions of Ebor 28mm British Crimean figures comprising the Light Division., the 7th Royal Fusiliers.

Below are a couple of views of the completed unit, plus the entire Brigade in a storage box. I have added into the box a couple of Napoleonic artillery units (one is actually French Guard Horse artillery to represent the British RHA - uniforms are quite similar....!) AND four British Napoleonic mounted officers in lieu of their later correspondents. I probably will in time invest in Great War foot artillery and Foundry RHA but at present these purchases are on the back burner.

7th (Royal) Fusiliers

Command element

A rear view showing the regimental number in the centre of the backpack

The full 7 battalions of the Light Division plus supporting artillery


  1. Thanks Phil - they were in action over the last week but unfortunately did not fare well - abandoned by their colleagues to face off against SIXTEEN Russian battalions, they did not last long! Report will follow soon