Saturday, 8 October 2016

I have just down loaded the photos of todays game from my phone and there were FORTY! That will take a few minutes to upload, so will start them off now and come back in an hour to see if they are finished.

Todays game was a Lawrence of Arabia type scenario - Lawrence himself and a band of AYrabs were on their own little mission at one end of the table, whilst the British and Dominion forces entered from the far end and had to overcome a mixed bag of Turks, Germans and Arabs in Ottoman service to take control of an oasis and then continue their advance on Damascus.

The oasis and an adjacent, seemingly empty building that occupied approximately the centre of the table

Another view before the start of the game, looking along the length of the table from the end where the railway to Damascus crossed the table - the oasis in the previous picture can be seen on the right in the middle distance

The NZ mounted Infantry reconnaissance force enters the table on move one

Two of the support vehicles, mounting LMG's

The Arabs accompanying Lawrence enter the table adjacent to the Damascus railway line

Turkish infantry deployed to protect the railway from the Arabs

The Turks are supported by an HMG mounted in a railway wagon

The arabs advance

On move two, a huge force of Germans and Turks enter the table opposite the oasis and building

Another view of the Central powers force, showing the forward scouts of the NZMI in the distance

The commander of the British forces

One of the NZ vehicles engages the enemy with its LMG

As the NZers closed in on the oasis, they spotted movement I the buildings - oh, WHAT a surprise!

The NZMI became standard I and they dismounted to engage the Ottoman Arabs in the building

Turkish infantry with the hardest physical job of the day - pushing their mates with the HMG up and down the railway tracks to engage Lawrence and his Bedu

Arab infantry advance on the Turks

Slightly out of focus picture of the man himself

The British component of the allied force advances onto the right wing to support the NZMI against the bulk of the enemy forces

British and NZers deploying on the right flank

A British Rolls Royce armoured car and an LMG mounted on a truck engage the enemy

This time, the armoured car inflicted a couple of casualties on the crew of a German field gun that was becoming a bit of a bother

At the other end of the table, the Turks were holding off Lawrence and his Arab friends

Arab infantry carrying what appears to be a Palestinian flag....

The view from the Turkish lines

The NZMI on the right flank have just successfully assaulted a German unit that had previously occupied the defensive position indicated by the bases covered with gravel etc. Unfortunately, in achieving this heroic deed, they had amassed a considerable amount of damage, and were driven from the field on the next turn.

The Turkish HMG is moved again

Turkish reinforcements arrive by train on the other flank

The Turks detrain

A view of the advancing British from behind the German left flank

The British plan was to concentrate fire power on their right flank - this German unit was engaged by an armoured car, a truck mounted LMG and three infantry HMG's, as well as a company of riflemen

A British plane on a joy ride over the battle field - it didn't do ANYTHING!

The NZMI on the left flank face off against a German company behind the building occupied by the Ottoman arabs 

The British advance on the right flank continues to bring massive fire superiority to bare

A move later, the British had destroyed the entrenched Germans on the right flank and one company plus an HMG and the armoured car pivot left to assist the NZMI I the final assault on the buildings

Mission accomplished - the British water bowser and camel borne water supplies begin their replenishment at the oasis

The end is nigh - two of four Turkish units in the compound have already been destroyed and NZMI has just successfully assaulted the rear of the building, smashing a third

Meanwhile, the Turks by the railway have driven off Lawrence and succeeded in their mission, however, the writing is on the wall, as in the distance, they can see British infantry an vehicles advancing through one of the defiles in the jebel

The Turks entrain and bugger off!

Final view of the table from the Turkish railway end

Final view of the main battle area in the centre of the table, showing the victorious British and Dominion forces of the EEF (Egyptian Expeditionary Force)


  1. I see you took lots of pics of my Arabs...I didn't do as good a job of recording my disaster!

  2. Yes... to be honest, when I came to write it up, I kinda wished I had even MORE pics, but the ones I had were adequate