Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Its been a bit of a quiet time painting wise - we have been doing some work around the house and I had to put some time and effort into that, unfortunately! However, I have managed to get back into step over the last couple of nights, so here are some pics of that cheapo technical I managed to source at K Mart a couple of weeks ago. The last Crimean British regiment - the 7th Fusiliers, are also two thirds done so a pic of them should be available over the weekend hopefully

Firstly - just a reminder of what the vehicle looked like with crew added but before any undercoating etc

Now three shots of the finished product - I am pretty happy with this and I could have spent more time on it and got it even better if I had wanted to

I think this looks the part and I may have to pop back into K Mart and grab a couple more of these sets - not sure I need three vans however!

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