Monday, 3 October 2016

A slow weekend of painting - I should have achieved more, given I had basically 2 days of doing little due to the crap weather we had - however, I have completed the 23rd Royal Welch fusiliers and tonight have commenced the 33rd Foot.

Through the week I had a small parcel arrive from Rolf at RH/Liberation Miniatures, containing two tripod mounted GPMG's for which I bought the crews a couple of months ago, plus a "Snatch" Landrover - a beautiful little model - to which I added a top cover sentry who was an extra with the Britannia Miniatures Mastiff MRAP.

The Royal Welch Fusiliers in all their glory

The Colour party

Advancing on the oblique - note all the figures have red over white Fusiliers hackles

In column showing the Regimental Colour

And the other direction, displaying the Queens Colour

Two GPMG crews from RH/Liberation

"Snatch" Landrover by RH/Liberation, with top cover courtesy of Britannia Miniatures

Right, I am back in the garage now, finishing off the command element of the 33rd Foot!

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