Friday, 30 September 2016

A couple of days ago, on an impulse, I popped into K Mart in Manukau to check out their "Matchbox" type toy cars. I have seen on US and UK blogs that people can often find usable vehicles from amongst this type of product, and generally priced much more competitively than genuine wargamers models. I have been keeping an eye on the $2-$4 cars at The Warehouse for a couple of years, but unfortunately the trend seems to be for "futuristic" fantasy vehicles, rather than small scale versions of what is actually on our roads today.

So I was happy to find this set of 5 emergency vehicles for the princely sum of $6! As you can see from the pic, I have already started the transformation of the "ute"/technical, by adding three Taliban crew members to it. I think I can use the van too - maybe not the car and definitely not the fire engine, as it is a much smaller scale. I was thinking the same thing about the helicopter, but having put a 15mm Command Decision figure next to it, now I am thinking that it too may be usable in the 15mm modern conflict scenarios. So, 3 usable items for $6 - not a bad deal - I just wish I could purchase the technical on its own for $2, and I would invest in half a dozen!

The full pack as purchased for $6NZ

The technical with crew added, the van and a 20mm Brit for comparison purposes

Technical crew by a couple of different manufacturers

The chopper with a Command Decision African militiaman for comparison - repainted I can see it as a 15mm "Little Bird" for Blackhawk Down type scenarios!.

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