Friday, 9 June 2017

"Frostgrave" Warband - Side Project

In the absence of my Old Glory 1812 figures, I was able to put some painting time into these cool figures from Reaper.

The first two are from the "actual" Frostgrave range of miniatures - and will be the sorceress and apprentice. I then needed around 10 figures for a complete warband, so purchased these three nuns plus a female Paladin by Reaper Miniatures. They have about another 4-6 nun figures that I can add so that the entire warband will consist of a unique miniature.

And the good news is - tatatatata..taaaaaa.....Oz Post finally figured out where Auckland was and my Old Glory box turned up yesterday, basically a month after it was ordered and over three weeks since it left the US - took about 4 days to get to Australia then over two weeks to make it across the Tasman Sea :)

The first figure is The Sigilist figure from the official Frostgrave range - she will be the leader of the Nuns warband and I painted her as an Abbess or similar rank

Above and below a couple more angles

Above and below is the "apprentice" figure that comes with the Sigilist pack

The next three images are of the Reaper figure code 02432: Sister Marie

 The lady with the sword is code 02403 Sister Candice

 And the third nun is Sister Catherine - code 02411

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