Thursday, 29 June 2017

War of 1812 - US 14th Regiment - Completed

Or once again, almost completed! Knuckleduster do obviously make a plethora of US troop types for this period, so its very likely I will purchase one pack of six figures and use them to create the sixth element for this regiment, as well as the sixth element for the unit I have yet to complete, the 22nd Regiment.

Pics are in the same format as the W Indians - again, I like this uniform and its a bit of a change from the regular blue coat with red facings of the bulk of the US Infantry

I already have the next two units ready for under coating - the US 22nd Infantry Regiment and the second British battalion using the OG second edition figures - have to decide which regiment to make them still...


  1. Excellent, love this brown/beige color...

  2. Yes I agree Phil - a nice variation - the next regiment is lighter brown - similar to the "buff" colour of the facings of some British regiments. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  3. Good work Keith. I am getting closer ordering my first batch of figures.

  4. That's good news Mark - I think I should stop soon although I am tempted to keep going - lots of other stuff in this interesting "little" war to paint....!