Thursday, 15 September 2016

Things have been a bit slow on the painting front this week - and last weekend I spent most of Saturday and Sunday out and about in the beautiful spring weather.....

Here is what I HAVE been able to get done so far - the command element of the first of two Spanish Battalions in my Carlist War Brigade. This is based on the following data gleaned from the web......
5 May 1836: Order of Battle
On 5 May 1836 the Legion was divided into English, Irish and Scotch Brigades, with the Chapelgorris assigned to the Scotch Brigade (Parsons, 1996).

Light Brigade
Irish Brigade
General Chichester’s Brigade
3rd Westminster Grenadiers
6th Scotch Grenadiers
7th Irish Light Infantry
9th Irish
10th Munster Light Infantry
1st English
4th Queen’s Own Fusiliers
8th Highlanders
800 Spanish Troops

I am creating General Chichesters Bde - I already have the 4th QO Fusiliers and 8th Highlanders (see previous posts) plus the two unpainted Spanish btns (how I have interpreted the 800 men mentioned above), so just the 1st English btn to be purchased.

Front view of the six figure command base - a grenadier officer on the left, centre company officer in the centre and drummer to the left - in the rear rank is another drummer and two ensigns. The uniform is a "generic" Isabellina one, based on examples on the Perrys web site

View from the front right oblique angle

View from the rear

View from the left rear oblique angle - the flags were downloaded from the web.

Tonight, I am working on the right flank element - 3 grenadiers and 3 centre company figures - may get them completed tonight as they are already half way there....ok, back to it!

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