Sunday, 11 September 2016


Here are a few pictures of the Queens Fusiliers - the 4th Battalion of the British legion - recruited to fight in the Carlist War in Spain, on the side of the Isabellinistas. The figures are by Perry Miniatures.
The full battalion - as this is a fusilier regiment, I have not painted the usual flank company distinctions, all the men in shakos have a red over white plume

A slightly different view of the full group

The command stand - I found the Queens colour on Google - the image is from the National Army Museum in London

The left flank stand

The right flank stand.

These are all the British I have to paint at the moment, but I still have two battalions of Spaniards to do now, and the seven battalions of British Crimean infantry should be en route from Ebor as well!

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