Tuesday, 6 September 2016

So tonight I finished off the other two bases of Crimean British infantry, but the base has to dry out before I apply paints and basing materials, so in the meantime, I finished off this command group for the War of Spanish Succession, comprising a few "extra" officer figures that I had left over after completing the last of my WSS battalions a few weeks ago. The map was hand painted, resting on a spare drum from the Wargames Factory plastic WSS infantry set and the tree stump is a piece of a real hedge from the garden! Don't really need any more description than that..... Probably wont post the full Crimean unit till tomorrow night - and I just ordered the remainder of the figures for the Light Division from Nick at Ebor - 1 Btn of rifles, 2 of fusiliers and another three line battalions of standard line infantry - a total of two brigades of three btns each, plus the rifle btn.

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