Saturday, 28 December 2019

A Couple of Eureka Figures Completed

I have fancied getting a unit of Eureka's Gordon Horse ever since they came on the market a few years ago and recently bought the officer (Gordon himself in theory) plus his standard bearer. I intend using these two as a generic command element to add to my Covenanter force (poor old Gordon will be spinning in his grave!) but I haven't decided exactly how yet, so they remain unbased.

Two images of each figure below, followed by examples of the last two Portuguese line battalions I will need to paint to round out Silvieras Division, the 13th (2 figures on the left) and 24th regiments (3 figures on the right) commanded by Bradford.

Somehow I have managed to add the image of the Napoleonic figures twice and I can't figure out how to remove the extra copy on this #~*#$! iPad....! Maybe next time I will have a try at loading everything in reverse, as Mark suggested.

Thursday, 26 December 2019


In addition to the fact I have had"technical issues" that I was too lazy to try to overcome, another reason for my lack of motivation on the blogging front for the last few months has been a very low level of productivity on the painting front.

My current"project" in as much as I have one at all, is to build up a small to medium Portuguese Napoleonic force. To this end, I am working my way through the battalions that made up Silvieras Division, based on an order of battle I found in Haythornthwaites book, Wellingtons Military Machine.

This indicates four brigades of three battalions each, with the exception of the first brigade .....De Costa 2nd and 14th Line, Campbell 4th and 10th Line and 10th Cacadores, Pack 1st and 16th Line and 4th  Cacadores, and Bradford 13th and 24th Line and 5th Cacadores.

I started this project about this time last year I think and have posted images of the De Costas Brigade previously. The images below are of Campbell's Brigade, 10th an 4th Line and then Packs Brigade, 1st and 16th Line. Still to be purchased are two more Line battalions and three of Cacadores . All the line infantry are Warlord Black Powder plastic figures. Cacadores will probably be purchased from Front Rank, although I have also considered getting these from Brigade Games.

I appear to have been able to take the images on my phone, email them to myself and save them on the iPad, as I found the iPad camera was not good enough for the full battalion images...they were very grainy. As I was at it anyway, I also took an individual image of each of th Eureka Victorian ladies ...I am not sure what they will be used for yet, I have just always fancied painting them!

Tuesday, 24 December 2019



This is just a quick test to see if I can upload an image to this blog using a ten year old iPad. Mark of 1866 and All That fame tried to explain it to me at the Sunday Cowboy game but that involved emailing photos from my phone so not sure I will get to the level of technicality! What I DO think I may be able to manage is taking a picture using the iPad camera then loading that image to the blog.

The other thing I do not appear to be able to do is alter font size etc....I did try to make the title above a larger font size and bold, but couldn't go it to work....

Ok so I seem to have been able to load a couple of images but what I can't figure out how to do is "move" down the page so I can add comments below each these are four Victorian ladies from Eureka in Australia.

If this test works I will try to add some more posts over the next couple of weeks while I am on Christmas holiday....which started about two hours ago....YAY!