Wednesday, 5 October 2022

Pulp Era Turkish Officers from Copplestone Back of Beyond Range

 The title more or less says it all really. BoB Turks are joining my Pulp Project, and these are the first four, the officers. I have ten riflemen and two HMG crews still to do - to be honest I probably only really needed one HMG, but the pack came with two! 

Lovely big, characterful figures as anyone who knows Mark Copplestones work will have come to expect, and genuinely very simple to paint to a decent standard - a bit like Front Rank, who are of a similar build and stature.

The uniforms are what I would describe as "realistically speculative"!

The senior officer has red collar, which is based on 1920 uniform info I found on line

The 2 i/c has the green collar of the infantry, The uniforms were all painted using various khaki shades from the Vallejo paints bought for the SCW project, and work really weel I think

The temptation would be to paint Turks in sand coloured cloth a la Afrika Korps, but I don't think that was a common uniform for most Turkish soldiers

The fourth and final officer/NCO

Great figures one and all and I am very pleased with how they came out. 
I have four Turkish infantrymen and five female pirates/swashbucklers on the painting table at the moment - not sure which I will do first, so stay tuned for an update in a few days' time! 
Thanks for the visit and as always, extra special thanks go to all commentators!

Sunday, 2 October 2022

Another Batch of Brigade Games Figures

 In amongst the 40 Bolshevik infantry that I received six weeks ago from Brigade Games were a couple of other packs. The two British Sisters for the French and Indian war have already appeared here Bydand: Finally, Some Painted Figures! (, and tonight it is the turn of a pack from the Swashbucklers and Musketeers range.

I have been looking at doing a Three Musketeers type collection for some small-scale skirmish games for years, and finally took the plunge when making the Brigade order up to a $125 total, to get their special $15 RoW postage deal.

I have a copy of these rules and have had a brief look through to see if they seemed like the kind of thing that would appeal to me. I will probably have a mini solo trial game to check out how the game mechanics work.

Regular readers will be unsurprised to see which pack I chose to start the collection with! I will be adding musketeers and the Cardinals guard, some townsfolk and bar staff etc in due course.

This first one is my least favourite - for some reason, I found her mouth hard to get right

I like this pose 

This one I think looks a bit like Mrs Thatcher! (its the pursed lips I think,,,,,)

Quite like this pose..

...and the fifth one is probably my favourite!

Here they are paired up for a bit of sparring

The girl on the left is from the Siberia Miniatures order I painted up a few months ago

Finally, a close up of each figure (some are a bit blurred but I was too lazy to go back and redo them!)

Thats the lot for tonight. The four Copplestone Turkish officers are nearing completion and should be making an appearance here in a couple of days. Until then, stay safe and healthy, thanks for visiting and double thanks for leaving a comment!

Friday, 30 September 2022

Inbound Freight.....

 I returned from a business trip to Christchurch on Wednesday (no photos sorry, didn't really see anything worthy of recording!) to find a small cardboard carton from Caliver on my painting desk. Sent from Nottingham on 19 August, it arrived here about six weeks later - mind you, as it was addressed to Auckland, Australia (!) it had possibly had a week + detour!

Inside were a few additions for my Pulp project - a Turkish contingent has joined the fun - I already have one character figure in the shape of a Reaper dancing girl, but it will be fun to find and purchase a few more to add to the basic troop types!

My statement that I saw nothing worth taking a picture was not quite true - I have wanted to get a couple of pics of this historic aircraft on most of my visits to Christchurch, as it is handily located just a few hundred yards from the airport and we often grab a meal at one of the adjacent eateries - however, so far, I have lacked the moral fortitude to ask my colleagues to let me play tourist and get my camera out! So, these are courtesy of a Google search on "Spitfire Square Christchurch......"

Thats it for today - might have some painted stuff to post in a day or two. Till then, take care!

Tuesday, 27 September 2022

A Farewell, a Sunday Walk and Some Figures

 Yesterday, Monday 26 September, was the official New Zealand Memorial Day to mark the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II. A public holiday as declared and official events held across the nation. Here are a few images from the web of the main ceremony in our capital city, Wellington.

The day prior, my wife and I headed out for a relatively local bush walk, as below

A surprising discovery in one of the busy suburbs of east Auckland, Howick:

And finally, the last batch of twelve Brigade Games RCW troops have been completed, in a mix of different shades of khaki/green uniforms.

I think that is probably more than enough RCW troops for any game I will be playing in - in truth, I probably have far too many, but they have been great fun to paint! I might be able to justify more cavalry or a few command groups, but probably that's more or less the end of painting for this collection. 

What's next? Well, could be a bit of an expansion of the small WWI in East Africa collection - I always intended to get some Germans as well as the British/Indian troops already painted - but as the figures would like come from Brigade Games, that may have to wait until the NZD goes up a bit against the USD - currently at 58c US to the NZD, I can remember buying Old Glory at 85c US to the NZD about five or six years ago!

Thanks for stopping by for a look and all comments will be greatly appreciated and acknowledged!