Saturday, 31 March 2018

War of 1812 - 64th Foot (Second Warwickshire)

I have now completed the 64th Foot for the War of 1812 - or any Napoleonic battle after the Belgic shako was introduced.

Three images of this unit are below

Friday, 30 March 2018

War of 1812 - British Reinforcements

As I had a few figures left over from the first two battalions of British regulars that I did a few months ago, I recently bought a few more packs of Old Glory Second Edition figures to combine with them and form another two battalions.

So far I have finished off the command element - officer and two ensigns - for each regiment. I decided this time to do the 49th Foot and the 64th Foot

The 49th Foot had green facings and served throughout the war, being present at a number of engagements, including Queenston Heights, Fort George, Stoney Creek, Beaver Dams, Cryslers Farm and Plattsburg. The 64th arrived in 1813 and seems to have had a quieter time, but I chose them as, like the 13th Foot, they seem to have transferred from warmer climes and to have worn a white shako cover, which adds a bit of variety to the force!

The first three images are of the 49th Foot command element, the second three are of the 64th. I did the officers with black shakos but the enlisted men will have the white covers.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Portuguese Napoleonic Officers

Just three figures that I have been working on , on and off, over the last week or so. Two senior officers and an infantry Colonel, all by Front Rank.

The Colonel was a mistake by Front Rank - he was supposed to be a drummer I think - one code out! They sent a replacement figure and I managed to source a non FR horse for him to ride ( thanks Andrew!) He has gone from bare metal to completed in one day, but the other two have sat on the painting desk for several days - could even be a couple of weeks - 90% finished but not quite done. Today I finally got some motivation and finished them off!

 Code PNP 1 - Brigadier - above and below

 Code PNP2 Lieutenant - above and below - to be honest, I thought he was higher rank until I checked the website for the codes!

  Code PN18 - mounted officer - was supposed to be PN19 a standard bearer!

I am happy with the way these have turned out

Friday, 23 March 2018

R.C.W. Tanks

These are the two tanks I purchased from Old Glory in February, before my OG Army Card ran out. They are a French FT and a British Whippet - the Whippet is quite a substantial vehicle, I got quite a surprise at the size of it when it arrived. The Renault on the other hand is tiny - hard to imagine how two men managed to get inside such a diminutive vehicle.

They are finished in dark green and will serve as support for the Bolshevik forces when we eventually get them on the table!

 Above and below are two views of the Renault FT with a couple of Bolshevik officers by Copplestone to indicate the size of this vehicle
 Below - the rear elevation of the Renault

Above and below, the Whippet tank, with a Copplestone Commissar alongside

Above - a comparison of the two vehicles, with a Brigade Games figure to show the relative sizes. The armament shown on the Whippet is 4 x .303 heavy machine guns. the little Renault has a 37mm gun.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

He's BACK!!!!

I am finally back in the world of the living! Not going to put much on here tonight, just a load of images of what I have been working on over the last three months while this box of circuit boards has been having a long vacation!

First up are some Portuguese Napoleonic's that I tried to load back in January. These are Front Rank Cacadores and Warlord Line Infantry with some additional command by Front Rank.

 Above and below are the 3rd Cacdores, one of two such battalions in the Peninsula Light Division

 Above and below - the other Light Division Cacadore unit - the 1st Cacadores

 Above and below, the final Portuguese unit of the Light Division - the 17th Line Regiment

 Above and below - the first unit of De Costa's Brigade in Silvera's Division - the 2nd Line Regiment. These are Warlord figures with a command base made up of Front Rank miniatures

 Above and below, the second unit in De Costa's Brigade - the 14th Line Infantry Regiment

Now something a bit different - a few images of a Frostgrave game I had with Andrew about a couple of weeks ago.

 Beautiful scenery, most of it hand built by Andrew, who used to be an architectural model maker
Three of my band (L-R) Treasure Hunter, Sorceress and Apprentice
 Andrew's band advance and reach the first lot of treasure
On my right flank, Andrew's apprentice advances in company of a big pussy cat
Two of my archers moving up the ruined buildings to gain some height advantage
 My Treasure Hunter had a close encounter with the cat - and came out on top!
 The two archers, having killed one of Andrew's warband, move into position to engage another
Meanwhile, I had killed Andrew's apprentice too
 And back in the centre, my Marks(wo)man killed his boss with a well aimed arrow!
And to round it off, the archers got this guy as the game came to an end

And this was the just rewards for my band of Heroines - 5 out of the 6 treasure piles to help fund upgrades of spells and band members!