Monday, 30 July 2018

More 15mm WW2 British 

Here are tonight's completed figures from the painting desk. I have also under coated another 12 infantry and two gun crews and their 6lb AT guns, and assembled a further two 6lb AT guns too.

I pulled out some 15mm buildings from Battlefront and an armoured car just to add a bit of interest to the images....

Sunday, 29 July 2018

15mm WW2 Sunday Game

Today we played an early WW2 in Russia game, pitting the Russian defenders against invading Italians. Each side had potential air support in the form of outdated biplanes. The Russians had been sent by rail to set up a hastily improvised defence of the railhead whilst the Italians were tasked with capturing or destroying said railhead and the associated communications (telephone lines running parallel to the track)

Rick, Paul and I played the Russians and Chris, Adrian and Mark the Italians with Barry as umpire.

Paul took command of our tank force comprising T26 and T27 tanks, whilst I had two platoons of infantry, four HMG's and four 47mm AT Guns and Rick had the artillery and rolled for our air support. On the Italian side, Adrian commanded their amalgam of the usual ineffective Italian armour, Chris had three platoons plus supports of HMG, infantry guns and mortars, whilst Mark looked after their artillery and air support.

We deployed in cover as the defenders and the Italians had the first initiative.

The attack quickly developed with the Italian armour massing on their right flank, the side of table where the railway line and station  were directly to their front. Adrian advanced quickly but after a couple of moves was engaged by Paul's armour and soon the plain was littered with the burning hulks of Italian armoured vehicles. Mark had great success in rolling a 6 at the start of each turn, summoning the Italian airforce, who targeted the railhead in a series of aerial bombardments. Unfortunately for us, our CinC had chosen to place himself in the said station, so after the second air raid, he decamped to a nearby wood!

Chris plodded forward with the infantry, I remained hidden for about two thirds of the game, with my two platoons sheltering in the buildings of the village adjacent to the rail head, and Rick and Mark exchanged artillery fire and rolled for air support - Mark being approximately 5 times more successful than Rick!

Meanwhile, Paul more or less wiped out the Italian armour but then the pesky infantry arrived and cheekily started knocking out tanks with AT rifles! Paul combined the machine guns of his tank force and rolled 24 dice - to get rid of two bases of infantry. As Chris's infantry got within range my four HMG's opened up on them and caused a few casualties each turn. Rick also contributed by inflicting damage with his artillery.

Mark and Chris combined their mortars, artillery and the air support to batter the buildings where my infantry were ensconced, and managed to kill two of the four HMG's. On the Italian left flank, two of my AT guns opened up on an advancing HMG platoon with HE - with no success. Next turn, the HMG's wiped out the two guns!

But the Italian advance was running out of steam. Most of the armour was destroyed and two of the three platoons of infantry likewise. The remaining armour risked advancing from cover to try to push my infantry out of the forward edge of the village, but this simply exposed them to my other two AT guns and Pauls tanks - and they were quickly destroyed, including a spectacular explosion when my AT Gun hit a flame thrower tank! The Russian tanks then turned on the last viable Italian platoon that had advanced to within spitting distance of the railhead, and in combination with my riflemen, reduced them to a few stands of figures who, in the next turn, failed an activation test and were forced to retreat. Rick lost one artillery piece, I lost two AT guns two HMG's and one stand of infantry and Paul lost three tanks whilst the Italian force was reduce to a couple of support units (HMG, mortars and Infantry guns) and their artillery battery. An argument could be made that the Italians achieved their primary aim - the air force succeeded in destroying the railhead quite early in the game - but their ground force failed to make any significant headway and were decimated in the attempt, whereas the Russians still held their original positions and had all their units still on the table!

Here are the pictures I took of the action:

The table looking from the Russian end - rail head on left of the church

From the Italian end

Rick and my Russian troops
The Russian tank force commanded by Paul
 The Italian force before being deployed
 The first Italian tanks advance
Massed Itlian armour

A deceptively peaceful scene - where are the Russians? 

Two of my AT guns redeploying
 Rick brings the massed artillery into action 
 Russian tanks emerge form cover - Italian targets can be seen on fire in the distance
The Italian infantry on the move 
 The first armoured thrust stalls
Some of the surviving Italian tanks press forward 
 Italian infantry making use of cover
 The Italians switch from the flank to the centre
My AT guns continue their perambulation of the table
 One of the few occasions that Rick succeeded in getting our air support onto the table!
The attack in the centre grinds to a halt too
  Italian infantry advance towards the railhead
My AT gun "brews up" the flame thrower tank! 
The last remaining Italian infantry in the woods flanking the village and adjacent to the railhead 
A final view of the table - the burning railhead is in the bottom lsft of the picture...

Saturday, 28 July 2018

WW2 15mm British AT Guns

Today, I finished off another batch of 15mm WW2 Brits. The only pieces to be completely finished off are these two 6lb AT guns, but I have another four bases of infantry based, as well as four command elements. These could not be finished off as we had to go out this evening to celebrate my father in laws 95th (!) birthday. He is a WW2 veteran himself, having served with the NZ 21 Btn in Italy and then with the British Commonwealth Occupation Force in Japan after leaving Europe.

Here he is (on the left) at the 2017 ANZAC Day commemoration with the Mayor of Auckland Phil Goff and a mate from the war years who unfortunately passed away about two months ago.

And here are the two 6ld AT guns I finished off after we got home from tonight's meal...

Friday, 27 July 2018

WW II 15mm British Infantry

I actually finished painting these FoW British Infantry last night, but I still had the bases to complete - which I have done in  the last ten minutes after an evening of drinking with my neighbours!

(I just had to correct four spelling issues in the twenty words above...cant imagine why!)

After painting the ECW Scots recently, I felt " inspired" and got out some more of these guys - I have about another 100 to paint so at 12 a time it will take a while!

I am very happy with the end result and I think they actually look better in the close up images than they do in real life   :)

Here are three images of the platoon, then  four  showing each element separately...

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

              A Few ECW Cavalry....

These are the six cavalry I mentioned in my previous post - I actually DID complete them in time to put up last night, but....I left my phone, and hence camera, at work by mistake! So the images had to wait till this evening.

I purchased these off another friend, along with some infantry I needed to complete existing regiments - not certain of the brand but they look very Perry like to me so I think they may be Foundry. They are all basically the same figure pose but with variations on the head gear and saddlery - some have pistols others do not...

Monday, 23 July 2018

Finally - I have painted something!

A friend recently made a purchase of a significant number of hard plastic Thirty Years War/ECW figures from an on line auction web site and amongst the odds and sods that he was not interested in were a few Scots, so he kindly donated them to me! 

Having had a look through the figures, some of them were not very flash - but I have managed to put together a frame gun and three crew -  I have no idea of the manufacturer and indeed I am pretty sure there are at least two different manufacturers involved in the crewmen, but no matter. I think they have turned out quite well, and finally getting off my a### and painting something - ANYTHING! - has inspired me to get out six ECW cavalry figures I have had knocking around for several months and get them painted too - they just need basing so should be able to be photographed tomorrow...

In the meantime, here are several images of the frame gun and crew from different angles: