Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Some Pulp Extras.....Not Your Standard Wargaming Fare.....!

 Over the past few weeks, I have been keeping an eye on our local online trading site, looking for some bargains amongst the Matchbox Yesteryear car models. This was a source of inter war vehicles I first tapped a couple of years ago for the RCW project, and I thought it would be a good idea to see if I could get my hands on a few vehicles to go with the Pulp project from the same place. The following images are the results so far - five more vehicles are en route, and I think that may very well be sufficient! 

First purchase was three trucks for the grand total of NZ$15 - a 1920 Mack truck flanked by two 1930's Mercedes vehicles

The canopy lifts off, as per below

This is the second vehicle, liveried for a different Braurei - I will probably over paint these and make them more generically usable in different parts of the world.

The 1920's Mack certainly wont remain as an ice cream truck!

The next two were slightly pricier - a Hispano Suiza on the left at $16 and a 1928 Mercedes on the right for $10. These can be used as transport for the "character" figures - I may need a Rolls Royce for the Brits and something appropriate for the French, Russians and Americans!

The two German characters with the Merc

La Contessa (perhaps) with her car outside the family palazzo

La Contessa's younger sister

Another lady with the Mercedes

I think the scale of these vehicles works pretty well with these 28mm figures - the Afrika Korps dont look out of place in the rear of the truck, despite being slightly smaller than the "heroic" size of the true Pulp figures. To purchase similar vehicles designed specifically for wargamers would undoubtedly be in the region of $30 plus each, so you can see the attraction! The five still en route cost just over $30, so $6 each - or £3 in the old country - that may not be a bargain in the UK, but here, its a pretty cheap way to build up a collection of era appropriate vehicles!

Monday, 27 September 2021

A Change in Direction

Amongst some recent arrivals from Col Bills were a couple of packs of "Heidsman's Wife and Servants" for the Border Reivers project, so for a bit of a change, I decided to paint up one set. This is a pack of three female figures, one very obviously the wife, one very obviously a "peasant" (!) and the third more in between and could be used as either an indoor maid or a member of the Heidsman's family - perhaps a sister or daughter. In addition, I have had two versions of this Tudor lady from The Assault Group sitting on the painting table for months, just waiting for the basing to be finished off, so they have now been completed too.

The wife and indoor maid being accosted by three Reivers or perhaps interrogated by royal officers...

The Lady of the Pele Tower, complete with pearls, ruby earrings and a tiara!

Servant/sister in law/daughter

Servant with basket

The two TAG figures - she may actually be listed as Queen Mary (Bloody Mary I assume, not the Scottish version,,,)

Thats all from me tonight - the next batch of Tsuba figures are under coated and awaiting their transformation into another Warlord Chinese group!

Saturday, 25 September 2021

Back to the USSR.....

 After the Pulp Chinese force, I moved on to finishing off the few remaining Copplestone Bolsheviks in the lead pile, comprising a couple of officers and standard bearers plus six infantrymen from the Siberian Rifles and the Bolshevik infantry in greatcoats packs - wonderful figures all, although the two officers are particularly fine, in my opinion

The first command group are wearing great coats. Not sure what the flag is, its another one I found via Google a couple of days ago

I really like the officers pose, striding forwards as he glares, steely eyed, towards the foe!

The second command group - I think this officer is one of my favourite Copplestone figures

The first group of great coated infantrymen - I do not know how accurate it is to have both grey and khaki greatcoats, but I like the variety

I like the facial expression of the screaming figure in the centre of the second group

That's all my Bolsheviks done - I should have a whole lot more on hand but I am STILL awaiting the arrival of the Brigade Games shipment, last seen on USPS T&T at NYC on 8 August....I hope to hear soon from Lon at Brigade Games about what he is going to do to rectify this, as no other overseas order has taken much longer than a month, including during the Covid era.

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Pulp Progress - A Chinese Warlord Contingent

 Marching off the painting desk this evening is another unit for my Pulp Project, utilising some of the "spare" Tsuba Japanese figures for use as a 1930's Warlord Chinese contingent. 

The uniform is "speculative" ie made up - the flag is real - it belongs to the Shanxi "Clique"- although I just chose it because the colour matched in well with the yellow collar and piping I chose for this unit.

All twelve figures together


A couple of views of the standard bearer

NCO...and below, the rest of the "gang"

I think these turn of the century Japanese troops look very well as Warlord era Chines troops and I like the way this uniform has come out. I still have sufficient of these Tsuba figures for at least one more contingent. Next up however, I am finishing of my current stock of Copplestone RCW Bolsheviks.

Sunday, 19 September 2021

A Few More of the Bolshevik Horde

 The latest recruits to march off the painting desk are another group of Tovarishchi, including a couple more converted drugarica (female comrades according to Google :))

With a command base (previously seen)

The new additions

The first conversion

The second conversion 

Also finally completed is the HMG support for the Japanese contingent

Not sure the crewman is on the right side of the weapon but hey ho - its Pulp !

The next dozen Tsuba figures painted as Warlord Chines are complete but I will save them for another post!