Thursday, 30 December 2021

Lots and Lots of Pics.....

I guess it is a busy time of year for everyone and something has to give - viewing and commenting on blogs may be one of those things? 

I make this observation, based on the fact my last post has been up about 4 or 5 days and only has less than 50% of the average number of comments. 

I dont think the last post was any less interesting/appealing than the two or three previous ones, so the only explanation I can some up with is - people are just too busy at this time of year!

Anyway, I have been making steady progress on Italians, French and various Oriental factions for my Pulp Project, plus my wife and I have been on a number of nice bush walks, so over the next few days, I will try to catch up on the pics I have taken!

First three images are a Copplestone Chinese warlord leader

Pulp Figures Chinese Concubine/Princess

The two leaders of the Warlord Chinese "Blue" contingent

A Chinese martial artist from Pulp Figures "Daughters of the East" pack

I have decided to do the Oriental characters in colour coordinated schemes - blue or grey for the Chinese......

.... and various shades of pink/red for the Japanese ....

So this Pulp "Daughter of the East" is a Japanese agent

This is the first of three Bad Squiddo Samurai warriors

This may be my favourite figure so far - the Hasslefree armed Geisha

I took her outside for a couple of close up shots of the face in natural light

And to finish off, a "few" images of a couple of bush walks we did about three days ago..

Even in the middle of nowhere, you need to do the Covid scanning!

Some quite strange looking rock formations

Rather annoyingly, about one third of the way into the walk, we came across this!

This looks like a tree but actually, what appears to be the trunk is rock, with a flax like bush growing at the top of it!

The view from the lookout point of the small village of Waitomo, which exists to service tourists visiting the famous Glowworm Caves

We drove about 30km further down the road and stopped at a second scenic walking site

Well, I think that is more than enough for this post - I do have a LOT more walking images, so stand by for more of these in a day or two!

Sunday, 26 December 2021

Pulp Project Painting Progress Proceeds Apace!

 Well, THATS a nice bit of alliteration! Three different batches of figures here, painted over the last two to three days - more are completed on the painting desk and just awaiting basing.

Firstly, we have the first four French figures from Crusader Miniatures. I have painted these before, for use as the Latvian Rifle Division in my RCW project, and they are good, solid sculpts. 

Four "Dragons Portes" ready to support the French cause in any future aventure Pulpe

Final rear view of the Force Francais

Next up, four more of the Perry soldati italiani

All four, front and rear.....

And finally for this post, three more of Bob Murches lovely female Herrenvolk (well, the SA bird isn't that lovely - been in the beerkeller quaffing steins and gobbling wurst a bit too much by the look of her...!)

I gave the storm trooper a very ruddy complexion, to go with her larger girth!

Thats yer lot for now - we are off on a nice bush walk tomorrow so should hopefully have some scenic pics to add to my next post.