Thursday, 24 November 2016

15mm Guadalcanal Battle

On Wednesday night I went over to a friends place to play a game of "Conflict of Heroes" - basically a board game - which we have played a couple of times previously - but this time converted to a table top game with 15mm figures

The scenario was based on the following real life action - details copied form Wikipedia:

"Meanwhile, native island scouts—directed by British government official and officer in the British Solomon Islands Protectorate Defence Force, Martin Clemens—told the Marines of Japanese troops at Taivu, near the village of Tasimboko, about 17 mi (27 km) east of Lunga. Edson launched a raid against the Japanese troops at Taivu. Destroyer transports USS McKean and Manley and two patrol boats took 813 of Edson's men to Taivu in two trips. Edson and his first wave of 501 troops landed at Taivu at 05:20 (local time) on 8 September. Supported by aircraft from Henderson Field and gunfire from the destroyer transports, Edson's men advanced towards Tasimboko village but were slowed by Japanese resistance. At 11:00, the rest of Edson's men landed. With this reinforcement and more support from the Henderson Field aircraft, Edson's force pushed into the village. The Japanese defenders, believing a major landing was underway after observing the concurrent approach of an Allied supply ship convoy heading towards Lunga Point, retreated into the jungle, leaving behind 27 dead. Two Marines were killed.
In Tasimboko, Edson's troops discovered the supply base for Kawaguchi's forces, including large stockpiles of food, ammunition and medical supplies, and a shortwave radio. The Marines seized documents, equipment and food supplies, destroyed the rest, and returned to the Lunga perimeter at 17:30. The quantities of supplies and intelligence from the captured documents revealed that at least 3,000 Japanese troops were on the island and apparently planning an attack."

This is a map of the action from the web

Above is the scenario page from the game - the Japanese started off with four units - an infantry unit, an MMG, a mountain gun and a sniper. As the game progressed, on move 2, 3, 4 and 5, they would receive an additional two infantry units per move as reinforcements.

The USMC started with more units and received 3 or 4 extra Para Marine units at the start of move 3. The US also had air support available but it could only be used on Japanese units NOT in any jungle area

The game was played on a 6' by 4' table marked with hexes, to replicate the board game. Figures are Flames of War (US) and Command Decision (Japs)

View down the length of the table from the end where the US deployed - the village of Tasimboko can be seen in the distance

Above and below two views of Tasimboko before the game commenced

Early in move 2 and the first of the Japanese reinforcements arrive

USMC advancing through Kuni grass, which did not block line of site OR give any cover, but DID impede movement somewhat. Only one unit of the original two remain as they were engaged in the flank by a concealed Japanese sniper and wiped out

USMC Para Marine reinforcements advancing towards Tasimboko village on move 3
The deadly Japanese sniper takes aim again

USMC advancing on their right flank after the left flank advance stalled under the sniper fire that eliminated two of three units.

Move 3 and two more Japanese reinforcements arrive

USMC advance to very close range of the MMG concealed in one of the buildings

The USMC advance continues despite suffering heavy casualties on their left flank

US air support engages the MMG in the house but to no effect - earlier, the USAAF had successfully destroyed one Japanese unit caught in the open.

Move 4 - multiple Japanese reinforcements have arrived and made their way through the jungle to the edge of the village

The final situation at the end of move 5 - which was the allotted time for the game. The Japanese managed to rewrite history - they only lost one unit to the early air strike and killed 4 or 5 US units, preventing the US forces from even reaching the village, let alone capturing it and destroying the supplies, as happened in real life

Final view of the heroic Japanese sniper who managed to remain concealed throughout the game and accounted for two or possibly three of the US casualties


  1. So the Dentist beat me to getting board game PTO into 15mm (I've just been too busy to do any more on that). You will at some stage get to compare the rules I will be using (definitely not CoH) - snipers seem very overpowered to eliminate whole US squads!? But we will most likely do more Heroes of Normandie first..........

  2. Thanks for the comment Andrew - Yes the rules worked fine on a table with hexes - the "sniper" I think was supposed to be a sniper squad, so maybe a group of them - and I was not complaining because every other hit I got, my opponent seemed to roll an 8+ and rally them(IE remove the casualty)...MOST frustrating!