Friday, 4 November 2016

And so to Saturday afternoon, and Mujarak, Helmand Province, Afghanistan in 2009 - 130 years after the morning game.

Whilst the rest of the team retired to the house to prepare lunch and conduct a post operation review of the mornings game - well I don't really know what they did - I  spent about 45 minutes resetting the table and working out the forces for the afternoon game.

The rules this time were a variation on Two Fat Lardies "Chain of Command" - not, unfortunately, the long anticipated official upgrade called "Fighting Season", as these have not yet been released as far as I am aware. However, I had found a compromise set on an Australian club web site and they would do in the interim.

This is basically a skirmish level game with individually based figures representing one man and his weapon.

The scenario was again basically a replay of the morning game - this time a TV News Crew had got itself into a sticky situation in the town of Mujarak, and kit was up to a platoon of British infantry to rescue them before Terry Taliban turned up to spoil things.

The British force was quite small - the four Afghan players from the morning were in the afternoon playing the Brits - each commanding a section of 8 men armed as below

X 2 Light support weapons

X 2 Minimis

X 2 Rifles with Underslung Grenade Launcher.

X 2 Rifle 5.56mm
 The fourth player had the Fire Support Group (FSG) comprising two Jackal 1 Patrol vehicles (specs below)

7.62 GPMG, 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun or 40mm Grenade Machine Gun
Country users
United Kingdom
Designer Company
Supacat and Babcock Marine
Bowman communication system
Blast and Ballistic protection
6,650 kg
130 km/h
800 km

For the purposes of the game, we had one of each type of vehicle IE an HMG and a GMG arnmed vehicle.

In addition , the fourth player had a Snatch Landrover

The three Taliban commanders had a "group" of around 10-12 figures each, mostly armed with AK47 but also a few LMG's, RPG's etc. The main leader had an HMG and mortar crew as well, and they all also had one or two "technical" armed with HMG's.

Aerial view of Mujarak, 2009 - a slightly out of focus shot from a Predator surveillance drone!

Taliban fighters deploying in one of the two compounds - the one in the lower left of the first picture

The first British section enters Mujarak from the east, on fire group taking up position on a roof top to offer covering fire

Two Taliban technical appear on the road adjacent to the compound occupied by their colleagues, and engage the FSG on the hill at long range

The main Taliban commander and his contingent took up a position in the other compound, from where they engaged in a long range fire fight with the FSG, using a Soviet 12.7mm heavy machine gun

The Platoon Commander accompanying 1 Section deploys a fire group to engage another Taliban technical that arrived on the road to the east. This was hit by combined Minimi and GPMG fire plus grenades for the USG armed rifleman and its crew killed

1 section continues a cautious advance, moving from building to building along the east/west road into Mujarak.

3 Section moving into position from the south of Mujarak

One of 3 sections fire groups in dead ground next to the second compound

3 section secures the TV crew hiding in the small house next to the bridge over the Helmand

The remains of 2 Section clear the Taliban out of the mosque. This section suffered the most casualties on the British side, being caught in a field early in the advance and being engaged by a Taliban group occupying the mosque and the adjacent two story building.

3 Section begins to withdraw with the TV crew eastwards, towards the cover provided by 1 and 2 sections

A fourth Taliban technical arrives but too late to play a significant role

This group of Taliban engaged in a long range fire fight with the FSG but came off second best and were gradually whittled down by the combined GPMG and .50 cal MG fire

The last technical crossing the river to the south of the town

An FSG Jackal engaging the Taliban with the main .50 cal armament

3 Section and the TV crew make it to 1 Sections position and out of danger

Above and below - the post operation interview with the rescued journalist

All good fun - and everyone got to be on the winning side, as the British won both games!
This was the last of our all day gaming sessions - on Sunday we would have a morning game and then lunch, before departing for Auckland and a return to reality - boo!

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