Saturday, 5 November 2016

Our WW1 in East Africa Project

This was first mooted a couple of years back but in the coming 12 months there has been a full commitment to make this happen for the next Tarawera trip - two of the group are doing a scenario and we have already been issued with OrBats etc.

I already have a few figures for this period, both Brigade Games and Old Glory, and also purchased the Osprey book on this period about 18 months ago (see below)

The cover of the book

German Sailors

German Askaris

British and native allies

British, Indian and African troops

S African uniforms

Indians and Askaris

Belgian European and Askari troops

Portuguese soldiers in Mozambique

Below are a few reprints of my existing figures for this era - I also have about 40 Kings African Rifles (KAR) by Brigade Games

German officer with Askari NCO and rifleman

Two more German Schutztruppe officers

A third German command element - have no actual troops for them to lead yet though!

A British HMG team

German Askari HMG team

British Sikh HMG team - all the preceding figures are by Brigade Games

Command element of dismounted Indian cavalry - Old Glory figures

Dismounted S African cavalry - Old Glory figures

The full unit of dismounted Indian cavalry

Old Glory Sikhs - I think they should be useable as the uniforms and equipment don't look like they changed much since the 1890's

Wont use the semaphore but the Indian mountain guns should also be fine

Bengal Lancers

Mounted version of the dismounted Indian cavalry a few pics above - all the latter figures are by Old Glory

So now I have to get a few more Brits, some German askaris and possibly some Belgians too - juts as well I have 1-12 months to get through this! In the meantime, I have a couple of units of Indian OG figures I can paint and base for this period - again, they are actually NW Frontier but I don't think anything had changed dramatically in the intervening 20 odd years. I also have a little side project to work on as below............................................................................

I bought this pack of twenty hard plastic multipart figures from Annie, the Dice Bag Lady, for £20, and combined it with 20 x 28mm female heads by Statuesque - giving me enough figures for 2 x 10 all female war bands - now I just have to try and do justice to the excellent figures with my average painting skills!

The first ten figures undercoated in white and with a brown wash over them - not my usual method so hope it works out.....

Two close up shots of some of the "troops"

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