Tuesday, 22 November 2016

WW1 in East Africa - Indian Army Unit

Here is the second unit of Old Glory Indians painted and based for action in East Africa 1914-1918.

Four bases per unit - the units are either Platoons, Companies or Battalions, depending on the scale of the engagement - but we expect most of the actions to be smaller scale so generally these four elements will represent a platoon.

Info on regimental distinctions is a bit on the short side for this period so I have taken some poetic license and assumed a rifle unit might have green involved - so these guys are officially Kashmir Rifles!

The full four element unit of 12 figures

Closer view of two elements including the British officer

The other two elements including a native officer

The first two elements from different angle

And the second two again from a different angle

No painting tomorrow as I will be at a mates house for the first game since our week long gaming fest at Lake Tarawera - 15mm Pacific War so my Japanese Command Decision collection will be getting an outing - will take some pics and post a match report here in a day or two........

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