Thursday, 8 December 2016

Wednesday 7 Dec - ACW Game

Tonight four of us "did" an ACW scenario using the Kalistra rules and a hex based table. The figures used are mainly Old Glory but also a few that were designed and produced by one of the members of our wargaming group.

I THINK the scenario was based on Chancellorsville - but could be wrong! In any case, the Union forces were strung out in an advance from one long table side to the other, whilst the Confederates were in the two corners - a defensive positon in the top left of the table as viewed from the Union perspective, and a flanking force in the bottom right. There were quite a few woods on the table as well as a couple of hills

The map below gives a very rough idea of the position of the forces at the start of the game

The Union commanders decided to basically ignore the Reb force in the bottom right and concentrate on destroying the defensive position on the two hills in the top left of the map. This comprised two batteries of guns and four battalions of infantry , two being "elites" of Hoods Texas Brigade.

This plan worked well and the Union won the day with very few setbacks. The Reb flank reinforcements were very tardy in advancing and when they got within range, the Zouaves dealt to them big time, causing multiple casualties and halting the entire advance. The Union centre meanwhile drove in the Reb defensive position on the hills and gradually overwhelmed the defending battalions by sheer weight of numbers. The Reb cavalry eventually managed to extricate itself from the woods and charged the rear of a Union unit, but failed to break it - and in the next turn of melee, the Union infantry won the fight and drove off Jeb Stuart.

This was the end of turn four and we decided to end the game - there was no doubt that the Union had won the engagement.

Starting position showing Union forces in the centre with Reb defensive position in bottom left of picture

Union infantry advance on the left flank

Reb infantry on the right flank

General view of the Union attack viewed from the right flank, and showing the Reb defensive position in the top right of the photo

Union infantry advanciung

Another view of the Union advance on the left side of the table

The Union Zouaves who held the right flank of the advance and held off five battalions of Rebs

Close up view of some Reb infantry advancing through woods 

Massed Union assault on the Reb defensive position.

Reb Zoauves are rear ended by two Union battalions
Reb infantry deploying on the Union flank 

A solitary Reb unit launches an attack on the Union advance on the defensive position

Jeb Stuarts cavalry attack Union infantry in the rear

Union Zoauves face off against the Reb assault

General view showing Union advance on the main Reb defensive position

Note the absence of Reb cavalry in top left of this picture!

Reb cavalry six hexes back from where they had engaged in combat with the Union infantry

The Union infantry who defeated a rear attack by Reb cavalry - the last action of the game

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